3 Factors That Can Affect Results in Breeding Chickens.

When you decide to start  breeding  chickens and you want to have good results, keep in mind these 3 factors:

  1. The race.
  2. The food.
  3. The prevention of diseases.

You must make sure that the chicken breed you buy is the correct one and that it fits your goals.Keep in mind that all chicken breeds are prone to get sick, so you should not forget to apply all the necessary precautions to avoid getting sick.

You will know that you have chosen a good breed because it will have the ability to turn the food into meat in a short time, your body will be enlarged and show a generous breast , the eyes will be bright and prominent, your position will be upright on the legs and will have agile movements .

Do I Need A Veterinarian For My Chicken Breeding?

Contact a veterinarian to be in charge of checking your health and vaccinate, he can recommend the vitamins and supplements that your chickens need throughout their development

In addition, investing in a veterinarian will help you to provide the chickens with the most suitable diet for your feeding, the professional will tell you the correct food rations to ensure that the development of the chickens is productive.

As the stages of breeding of the broilers pass , their diet will vary. There is a specific diet for the first 21 days, another while they are in the growth stage and another diet a week before with high nutritional content that make them special for sale.

Care for the Handling of Chickens.

Once you have bred and fattened the chickens, it is time to sacrifice them, and after the chickens have been slaughtered it is necessary to store them in a space where they can be kept in good condition.

It is necessary that when you handle the chickens you have special equipment to avoid contaminating them , such as gloves, protectors for the hair and mouth. Keep your hands washed and clothes clean.

Sometimes a single person can not take care of all the activities that must be done, so it is necessary to have a specialized person to help them with each part of the upbringing.

The person should help you feed the animals, keep them separated, collect and change the sawdust and help the veterinarian in reviewing each chicken.

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