7 basic tips for raising chickens

If you are one of those privileged people who have a garden or vegetable garden in your house, we give you some basic tips for raising chickens. Have not you thought about it? Do not even doubt it.

They are ideal as pets: they take care of themselves easily, they will not make you spend a lot of money, they are fun and friendly and, in addition, they will provide you with homemade eggs for the family’s consumption.

Choose laying hens
Starting from the basis that it is not in your mind to set up a chicken farm-let alone eat your new pets at lunch or dinner-the ideal is that you choose animals that produce a large number of eggs .

These hens can get between 4 and 7 eggs per week. Keep in mind that they start putting them after five or six months and have the maximum production during the first year.

Below, we tell you basic tips for raising chickens . Cheer up

Build a suitable chicken coop
girl and chickens
The chicken coop should be a bright and airy place. But, at the same time, it has to protect the birds from the rain, from the excessive sun in summer and from the possible attack of predators.

Remember that a chicken with cold, wet or scared will not lay eggs .

The size should be appropriate for the amount of animals you want to have. If the space is very small, they can be stressed.

You must sanitize the place every 15 or 20 days, removing the excrement and disinfecting with specific products.

Provide nests and hangers
Inside the henhouse you must place nests or nests to deposit the eggs there . You have to place them in the dark and quiet places and fill them with straw, shavings or sawdust Esparto.

In addition, you must install hangers or wooden shelves to sleep , placing them so that the hens can not be stained with excrement each other.

Keep in mind that, in nature, these animals sleep on the branches of trees.

Assure them a space to wander outside the chicken coop
Apart from the henhouse, these animals need outdoor space to be able to move freely . The daily exercise will contribute to your good health and the best quality of the eggs.

Calculate a minimum of one square meter per hen.

Remember to also lock them up at night, to keep them safe from possible predators .

Control that they are healthy
A healthy hen should have the following characteristics:

Show active
Vivid and bright look
Erect body
Plumage in good condition
Crest of striking color, red or orange
Do not have mucus in the nostrils (located at the top of the peak )
Also, keep in mind that they usually suffer from respiratory diseases . For this it is important to keep the places where they live or transit dry and ventilated.

Feed them correctly
As we have said, these birds tend to eat everything they find in their way: insects, seeds, plants, leftovers … In any case, they need a balanced diet of proteins, vegetables and starches and to provide them with vitamins and calcium.

As you can imagine, you can find specific foods for sale with everything necessary for proper nutrition.

One option to give them calcium is to crush eggshells or shells from the sea.

Chickens that eat only commercial food can do without stones, because it dissolves with water and does not need to be ground.

Other basic tips for raising chickens
Keep in mind that:

Chickens have a gland that is sensitive to light and stimulates egg production. A less amount of light, less eggs. In times when the days are shortened, you can choose to leave light bulbs in the henhouse.
You should always provide them with clean, fresh water.
You have to make it easier for them to “bathe” on land or sand. It is the way they use to cleanse and deworm.
And they do not need a rooster to lay eggs .

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