Breeding Chickens At Home With Only 18 Steps: Part 1

First 9 steps To Raise Chickens At Home.

  1. First of all, you should take care of preparing the space where the chickens will live , do this activity before obtaining the chickens.
  2. We do not recommend that you breed the chicken outdoors, because the chicks will need a temperature of around 30º C.
  3. The space must be closed, the windows and the door must be kept closed, so that air currents that can affect the chickens do not enter, remember that they are very delicate.
  4. Both the soil and the walls where the chickens will be located, you must disinfect them, to eliminate the presence of fungi and bacteria that could affect the chickens to the point of ending with the life of your animals.
  5. After you have commissioned to disinfect the soil , cover everything with wood shavings or rice husks, it could also be sawdust. These materials help chickens maintain their body heat , have a layer of between 8 and 12 cm of these materials.
  6. To keep the chickens with the best living conditions, build a place where you can locate 5 chickens for each square meter. This amount is ideal to avoid infections and you can control the hygiene of the place and the chickens.
  7. Use lamps of 60 to 120 watts, if you live in a place where it is cold, these lamps help maintain the required temperature of 30ºC. Place the lamps at a suitable height, which are not very close to the chickens because it is not a good idea to have a very hot place.
  8. Place drinkers all over the place where the chickens will be, there will be plenty of drinkers because if the chickens feel thirsty and there are not enough drinkers for everyone, you can cause stress and they will fight each other. The drinkers should be low height, wide and circular.
  9. You will also need feeders, these should be lengthened so that the food is distributed in rows so that many chickens can be stored without huddling together to get their food . The first days offers chickens food exclusively formulated for them with vitamins.

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