Breeding Chickens At Home With Only 18 Steps: Part 2

9 Steps More To Raise Chickens At Home

  1. When they are 2 weeks  old, the chicks can vary their diet, give them the special food and corn, then oats and finally wheat. Such a varied diet helps your nutrition.
  2. When the 5th week arrives, you can offer chickens chopped vegetables, insects and crumbs to complement their balanced diet, to receive fat, protein and carbohydrates.
  3. After the first 4 weeks, you can open the windows and door so that the air circulates, this must be done so that the chickens can adapt to the changes in climate .
  4. Make the cleaning of the drinking troughs and feeders daily, of the material that you use in the soil, you must perform a weekly cleaning.
  5. Be aware of the behavior of each of the chickens , if you notice that someone has not defecated check their place, if there is stuck stool can be harmful to the chicken and even lead to death.
  6. As time goes by, the chickens will increase their need for food. Keep the feeders full of food.
  7. If 6 weeks have passed, congratulations! They have done a good job, the chickens are on the right track.
  8. Although you must have the maximum attention and care, do not get too attached to them because those who buy chickens, they are interested in them when they have between 7 and 14 weeks.
  9. When you decide to start raising chickens it is necessary to have certain clear points before starting this activity.

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