How to raise chicks

It is very normal, when you are small you get a chick to raise it at home and to play with it, but in reality it is something more complex, requiring care and a lot of dedication to grow healthy and have a good development. It is not just about having the desire to raise chicks, but also you must inform them of what they need. The first thing you have to know is that there are different types of chickens according to the use you want to give, that is, if I want them to lay eggs, for example. Some of the varieties are cobb chickens, chickens ross and hubbard chickens . This is what specialists call the genetic line .

Once you have chosen the type of chick you are going to breed, you have to choose the area where you will place them. This must be disinfected and it will have to be sized according to the number of chicks you want to have. To get an idea, there may be 8 chickens per square meter.

The second thing you have to do is prepare a bed , either sawdust, straw or any other material that absorbs moisture and is not toxic to birds. You should also give them water and make sure very often that it is clean.

The last thing will be to cover all the area destined to the chicks to protect them from extreme climates and air currents and so that the temperature is always more or less the same. As you grow up, let them go out of the corral so that they become familiar with the outside.

Although the standard food for chickens is oats , feed them with a variety of food such as ground corn . They also like apple sauce and the crumbs of bread .

We advise you to put a lamp , usually about 250 watts, to give them heat . Make sure that the chicks are not placed under it, because if it were like this it would mean that they are cold and you would have to put one of more voltage.

Now you have the basic notions to be able to raise your chicks easily and in your own garden. It will be very simple and you will give your children joy, they will have some new friends to play with.

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